About Us

Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc.  specializes in supplemental medical staffing for premier hospitals and healthcare institutions across the United States.  We offer assignments in all 50 States and staff most medical personnel and specialties.  As one of the fastest growing health care staffing companies in the United States, Meridian Medical Staffing strives to provide a greater level of service and support to both our client hospitals and our employees.

Meridian Medical Staffing offers flexibility of assignments with the stability of a proven and time-tested industry leader.


Lisa Taylor
Steve Griffin
Chief Financial Officer 
Mark Holloway
Vice President of Operations 
Anne Ubert
Director of Recruitment 
Liz Osso
Senior Payroll Specialist 
Evon Goss
Director of Housing/Travel 
Nicole Lopez
Senior Recruiting Coordinator 
Patrick Weydemuller
Senior Recruiter 
Zoe Zanella
Senior Recruiter 
Autumn Radabaugh
Senior Recruiter 
Susan LaPan
Director of Client Services 
Melissa Sharp
Senior Credentialing Specialist 
Connor Velvin
Senior Recruiter 
Lucas Whaley
Senior Recruiter 
Natalie Klein
Senior Recruiter 
Eric Johnson
Senior Recruiter 
Nika Girenko
Senior Recruiter 
Marissa Maurer
Senior Recruiter 


Thank You

Meridian Medical Staffing VP gives thanks to all travel nurses