Meridian Medical Staffing partners with Medical Staffing Network

Posted on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 at 6:06 pm.

Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc., a Denver, CO based Travel Nursing Company has partnered with Medical Staffing Network, (MSN) to offer fulfillment for many of their Northern California Assignments.  It is a joint venture that has both companies talking.   “We really believe that this new partnership is a great opportunity for both agencies” stated Susan LaPan, Director of Client Services for Meridian Medical Staffing.  “While California travel assignments aren’t what they were ten years ago, we are seeing a strong increase in needs in that state, especially north of the Bay area,” she continued.  “Napa County, Berkeley, San Jose are all having census increases at thier facilities that they simply cannot keep up with.  It’s a great location with strong-paying asignments, so the overall experience has proven to be rewarding and financially beneficial to the travelers.”  Meridian Medical Staffing continues to be one of the fastest-growing Travel Nursing Agencies in the country, and they base that growth on a “customer-service recruitment model.”  “We believe that most agencies have moved away from truly being “in-service” to the travelers they work with and they simply treat their travelers as numbers,” stated Mark Holloway,  Vice President of Operations for Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc.  “The economic conditions of the U.S. over the past 6 years with unemployment at such a high level has driven this apathy toward travelers by many of our competitors.  We feel that is a terrible result of the travel job market being slimmer than it has been in the past.  It’s time for agencies to get back to what we do well, and that is forming a solid, sustainable relationship with our travelers and offering a true, long-term travel plan that is specific to each traveler.”  So far, Holloway explains the philosophy is working very well.  “If a traveler is treated well, and informed completely about the” good and the bad” of an assignment, they will gladly come back and continue to work with you,” Holloway emphasized.  “It’s the key idea that we believe has made us one of the Best Travel Nursing Companies in the US.  You can’t have growth like we’ve experienced without making those changes and switching to a true “in service to others” philosophy.  It’s absolutely what we have done here, and we’re really proud of the changes we can see.”

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