There are 3 things that ALL assignments have in common:

  1. What is the hourly bill rate a facility is being charged?
  2. How much of a profit margin is the agency retaining?
  3. How much is left for payroll, benefits, and taxes?

That’s it.  If an agency is willing to give you the first two… you know the third.  The problem is that most agencies won’t give you those vital factors.  It then makes it virtually impossible to compare assignments and agencies alike.  Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc., will give you that information.  We believe it critical for everyone.  It allows you to truly valuate every opportunity with our agency.  It also reassures our travelers that they are getting the best offer for each and every specific assignment, without question…. A formula that you then trust.  It’s how we secure the highest level of loyalty in the industry.  For us, it means we don’t ever, ever, have to negotiate each and every offer a traveler receives…  that doesn’t lend itself very well to retention.  We believe it’s time for travelers to stop settling for tactics that force a travel to become a great “negotiator.”  That doesn’t make sense to us.  Offer a traveler the best compensation we can, given the bill rate, walk him/her through that math, and see if it is the right assignment based upon that transparency… Agencies need to stop acting like a “used car lot” and start giving travelers the information they need to make an informed decision.”

What Makes Meridian Different

Here is a quick introduction to Meridian Medical Staffing from our CEO, He explains what makes Meridian Medical Staffing so different from every other agency out there.